Life Lately [Instagram/Phone Round Up]…

Yes, I know I have been totally and completely M.I.A. for about a month or so… I’m sorry! I am going to slowly get back into a better routine, although I have gone from round-bellied & unable to see my toes to a milking cow in just a matter of days, so I am swamped with my two cuties. No complaints, though – they are the best and I am loving every second! But, I wanted to share some photos of what has been going on in our lives lately!

The end of pregnancy with a 21-month-old has not left much time for blogging. Well, I guess I haven’t been using my time as wisely as I should in the blogging department. Whenever I got a free bit of time (meaning that Isabella was napping), I would have to lie down and rest.

 Giant belly + speedy toddler + lots of hormones = exhhhhaausted mama 

^^ The above equation does not make for much success or productivity. But, if you follow me on Instagram, then you know that we now have a new member of the family!!! His name is Leo (pronounced ‘Lay-O’… it’s Spanish) and he is a Leo. We didn’t plan that. We’ve loved this name for a while and before we knew Isabella was a girl, we wanted her to be named Leo if she had that Y chromosome. He’s just about 3 weeks old now.

Anyways, Leo is such a sweet baby! He sleeps really well which is such a relief after having a sleepless wonder, Isabella, for the first 9 months of her life. (I shouldn’t speak too soon… it’s only been a few weeks.) He loves to look around, especially at his mama and outside, and he coos a lot! Everyone is really happy… even Isa. She thinks that her new little bro is her own baby. Every morning she comes into our room and gently rubs his face and says, “Awww, baby!! Cah-yoooottt!” in her little elf voice – and since she pronounces it in such a cute way, I had to try and give you guys an idea of what she says that like.


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