Travel Tips: Staying Fresh While En Route

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Quickly, I want to issue an apology for my absence, I am late into my pregnancy and planning and writing up posts, while really fun, is super time consuming and I have been needing more rest than I thought. But excuses aside…

Let’s all delve into our imaginations for a second and picture this → you’re picking out outfits, packing up your toiletries and suitcase, getting all prepared for a trip. Those excitement jitters start up. You get on the flight, or in the car, and then… that uncomfortable, oily, bloated feeling sets in. Wonderful. Now you have to sit for an extended period of time in discomfort. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a road trip or in a plane… having a “fresh” feeling en route to any destination isn’t easy. 

So, babes, let’s talk tips for staying fresh while traveling. Considering that it is well into summer, almost July 4th weekend, and this is travel season, ultimately obtaining any sort of comfort while traveling is quite a feat. A good friend of mine is traveling to Colombia this week, and made a special request for this post – good idea because I think all of us have this problem of “staying fresh” while traveling (whether it be via car, train, or plane). While that word “fresh” might seem a little scandalous….. I’m simply going to stick with the parts that are visible and break it down into sections 😉 Anyways, let’s get into it!

◊ Tips For Staying Fresh: ◊
– Skin



1. Exfoliate & Moisturize : I feel like this is just the key to fresh, healthy skin in general. Find yourself a good exfoliating face scrub (my favorite here), use it the night before your travel plans and the morning of and pack a good face moisturizer (favorites here and here) for after the plane. You’re removing the dead skin and preventing oily build up with two products, while keeping your face hydrated in the stale plane/car air.

[ Cabin pressure = yuck + dehydrating ]

I love this body lotion as well by Tree Hut!

I love this body lotion as well by Tree Hut!

Another great product that I have heard people rave about (but truthfully haven’t tried out yet myself) is a moisturizing face mist. There are tons on the market, but one that I have heard about and that is less expensive than others for a first-time-trier is this one by Evian. It helps to rehydrate skin, freshen up your makeup, and most come in travel sizes to keep with you on the plane.

For your body, again, an exfoliating scrub in the shower all over before you travel is the best to keep your skin moisturized, get off all that dead skin, and help prevent too much greasy build up on the plane. It’s no secret, I love Sabon and their body scrubs (here).

2. Prevent Breakouts : I am a major victim to *the breakout*… dun dun dun! So, how do we prevent this?

Step 1 – Keep the hands off the face!!! It’s hard, but while sitting in the car or plane, just leave your face alone as much as you can! Not that I’m one to talk, but those oils from your dirty fingers clog up the pores and lead to break outs. So, try your best…

Step 2 – Avoid wearing foundation on the plane! If you want to wear makeup, stick with a BB cream or a CC cream, something that adds some color and moisturizes your face, but won’t do as much damage to the pores as other foundations. Plus, the vitamins and other benefits outweigh wearing foundation.

Step 3 – If you can pack some face towelettes, these help so much in preventing oil build up and with giving your face a refreshed feeling. Two that I really like are these from Burt’s Bees (they have other options for dry skin, etc.) and these by Olay. Both are good for reducing oil, though they’re best if you’re not wearing makeup as they will take it off.

Step 4 – Bring along some oil absorbing sheets! These things are the Seriously. Neutrogena makes them (here), but you can find them in generic form (like I did) from any drug store. Take out a sheet, blot it all over your face, and experience the gross, yet satisfying sensation of oil being cleared off your face without removing makeup. **Warning: Don’t get too freaked out from the amount of oil you see being left on the pad.**

– Eyes & Lips

lip products

1. Avoid Electronic Devices : Ok. I recognize I sound crazy suggesting this, but if you can’t avoid using an electronic device then maybe try to limit the use to less than you normally would. It’s killer for your eyes and they will just feel exhausted.

2. Eye Drops : Since my previous suggestion is a bit farfetched, pack some eyedrops. This will help rehydrate your eyes and give them a fresher feeling.

3. Moisturize!We have already established that traveling dehydrates our skin and such and this applies to lips as well. Get yourself a good chapstick (my favorites are pictured) and use and abuse it. Dry lips are not fun or cute 😉

– Hair

1. Bring a Brush : Long periods of time sitting in a plane or car do not do good things to hair. You end up having flat and greasy hair, so one thing to prevent this is to bring a brush along in your purse or carry-on and fluff up your locks throughout the trip.

2. Dry Shampoo : Another helpful product to bring along is dry shampoo. Grab it in travel size and take it to go to de-grease your hair and help make you feel fresh (here, here, here). Plus, adding a little fresh scent to your hair is never a bad idea!

– General

1. Hydrate!  : I can’t stress this one enough! Buy a big bottle of water before getting on the plane, or bring some in the car, and try to avoid alcohol… unless you’re like my husband who hates flying and needs at least 2-3 shots in order to survive the trip. This will help with that bloated feeling, keeping your skin feeling hydrated, and not making you feel all weighed down and gross like other drinks might.

2. Pick healthy snacksThis one is another tip that can be hard if you’re on a long flight and you are going to be eating plane food, but if you can buy some of your own meals/snacks before getting on the plane, pick lighter snacks that will help in the prevention of bloat. Fruits like grapes, watermelon, pineapple, apples, bananas (the cafes usually sell fruit salad), yogurt, salads, and packages of nuts are some options for foods that prevent that bloated, swollen feeling that is common on the plane and in the car.

3. Get up & Move : I used to hate getting up on the plane, and if I’m being honest I still do. Everyone stares at you, you have to make sure all of your clothes are covering the proper areas fully and it’s a tight squeeze. But, this is essential in getting blood flowing throughout your body and it’ll aid in stiff muscles and bones later on. Just get up and move 2 to 3 times throughout the flight. Your body will thank you after the flight!

◊       ◊       ◊

That’s it for my tips on how to stay fresh while traveling! But, I promise they make a difference. For those who are headed somewhere soon, be it via car or plane, have a great trip and try these out!! They help me!


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