QueSarahSera Travels: Paris Partie Deux (That’s Part 2 in French)

sacre coeur_Fotor COVER


So, let’s get back to that gorgeous old city of Paris. Just arriving the day before and already getting to set my eyes on some of the little treasures that Paris has along the Seine River was amazing, plus the weather that day was gorgeous. So, the next day we decided to start bright and early with a trip up the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately it was cold and a bit rainy, but we actually were some of the first in line so we didn’t have to wait for 3 hours to get into the elevators.


Me \\ Tunic Free People | Denim Jacket DKNY (old similar here) // Andres \\ Hoodie Penguin | Shirt Banana Republic ♦

¤ Quick little interesting fact about Paris: in that second to last photo I mention the view of the Parisian star-shaped intersections. But, what’s cool about that is during Napoleon III rule in Paris, a guy named Haussmann was hired to aid in the reformation of the Parisian streets and neighborhoods (around 1853). Among other renovations, he designed the center city streets to intersect at star-shaped points at major monuments and historical sites. Pretty cool to see that! ¤

I wore this Free People dress (that is like a tunic with my belly) that is super popular this season. I have seen so many people with it and it comes in a number of different colors, but once I tried it on I realized why it is such a crowd pleaser: it is extremely comfortable, flowy, and very cute! Also, it didn’t put my belly on display too much which was nice. You know those items of clothing that you have had for years and don’t get rid of? This DKNY denim jacket is one of mine. It is really comfortable and it buttons off to the side, not directly in the middle, like a moto jacket, which I really love. Andres loves this Penguin knit zip-up hoodie and is always wearing it when it is a bit chilly. I’m one of those girls that likes to wear guys clothes when I’m lazing about, so I’ve worn this zip-up before and I can vouch for its comfort!

Later that day after a bit of rest, we went to see Sacre Cœur which is absolutely stunning, as you can see. It is on an old hill with TONS of stairs and it looks down on the outskirts of the city. You just can’t believe your eyes when you arrive in front of the church. I had this overwhelming feeling of its majestic beauty and its peacefulness. Even though there are heaps of people there, I immediately felt like I was alone looking at it. I mean I would stop and look at the entrance doors and not realize people were trying to get by me – whoops! You can’t take photos inside (even though I saw lots of people doing so), but all of the old paintings, statues and symbols make the experience one I will never forget. There is something so enthralling about being in ancient buildings.

Sacre Coeur is in a famous part of the city where they have the amazing sketchers and painters who will draw you… and a lot of phonies who will ask to draw you and will create a caricature. Andres’s mom really wanted us to have a portrait of the three of us so we spent about 2 hours getting drawn (while it rained which wasn’t fun), but the drawing is really cool and was something we may not get to do again! The drawing doesn’t look exactly like us, and getting Isa to sit still deserved an award and a free tray of french pastries hand-delivered and warm, but it was a fun experience. It was also super awkward having people stop and stare at you while you’re frozen in a pose and they are trying to see if it looks like you. I was drawn into the portrait after Isabella, so people who walked by me were looking at me as if I were a creep who had a baby randomly drawn next to me.

That night, Dani, Dennis, Andres and I went to see a show at the Moulin Rouge which was a lot of fun and, again, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Andres and I didn’t like it as much as we thought we would because for me I was expecting more can-can, which is what the original Moulin Rouge was all about. There was only one can-can act and they were attempting to make the Broadway-esque, but the costumes were amazing, the atmosphere was really entertaining and there were funny acts in the show that we loved!!

That’s all for day 2! More to come from Paris!

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