QueSarahSera Travels: Paris Part 1


eiffel tour at  night_Fotor COVER

Remember that trip to Europe I went on in April? Here was one of my favorite parts of the trip (and unfortunately the last part)… PARIS! Yea, I’m slacking. That was 2 months ago, but I will more than make up for it with lots of photos!

In college I was a French major, so it has been my dream for a longgg time to travel to Paris and explore. My in-laws were kind enough to consider this and include it in our travels in Europe and it was so worth it (even with the exhaustion and growing bump)! My parents also had their honeymoon in Paris and so it has always been an even more romantic and close-to-my-heart city than I imagined because of this. The first day we arrived from London by train and got to our hotel in the 1er (first) Arrondissement (very close to Notre Dame). Dani and Dennis met us in Paris via car and while we waited we got some much needed rest… cranky baby + cranky mom + cranky hubby = time to LIE DOWN! Then, we went off to explore and managed to catch a boat tour of the Seine River just as it was leaving.


That night we headed to see the Eiffel tower up close and personal because I was sooo excited about actually getting to see it in real life (and not just on a boat). We ate cotton candy and rode the carousel right in front of the tower. Did I forget to mention, we got crepes and ice cream too?? Can’t go wrong with that in Paris.


Lots of photos, but they don’t do the city and its beauty justice! Hope you enjoyed shots from our first day in Paris. More to come from Paris so stay tuned!

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