QueSarahSera Travels: DisneyLand Paris

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With one last day in Paris, we were deciding between more exploring in the city or going to Disney, but since we had slept in late (first time we had done that since Isabella was born), we chose to head to Disney on the train. Our hotel was around the corner from a train station and the ride to Disney was maybe 30 minutes, and we wanted to see Isa’s reaction to all the rides and Disney characters because of how much she was loving the carousel in London.




First stop: It’s a Small World ride!!! I think everyone has to love this ride. It’s so fun and brings out your inner child… not that Andres and I need more help in that department! But, it was so fun and the whole family went on together. Isabella was so amused and completely amazed by the ride and the little Small World characters singing. It totally made my day to see her like this!


We stopped for ice cream, of course! Then, when we went to get some food we parked Isabella’s stroller next to another one outside of the restaurant, only to later realize that the other stroller belonged to Leo, which is the name of our soon-to-be little guy! What a cool coincidence!!

After, Andres, Isa and I got a chance to go on the carousel together, which she just loves! She had so much fun!!! I loved seeing her excited face and I can still hear those giggles she made when it was going around. Great memories!

◊ Tunic/Dress Free People here ◊

^^ I love this Free People tunic that I was wearing. Super comfy and flowy, plus it has a cool bell sleeve detail and an open back which you can see in the product link above. They have great shift dresses like this that don’t sit too tight, which, for me, during pregnancy is the best kind of dress to wear as a long shirt/tunic.

Disney and Paris was such a blast! We had to leave the next morning to fly home, and we were definitely really sad and also really exhausted! But, this was such an amazing trip!

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