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Let’s be real. When you are in the process of buying a house, all you can think about is how amazingly well-designed your home is going to be like pretty much the second after you get your eager feet in the door. Well, at least that was me. I had this long list of things I wanted and ideas about what the house would look like. Each room had its own theme and new furniture that would go in there…

◊ Then you get smacked real hard in the face with a reality check ◊


Helloooo, girl! Yes. You! You and that unshaven Colombian man are buying a whole, entire house. Like every cent you have is going towards that down payment. And stocking that pantry with food so that your cranky, freshly-moved self doesn’t start a brawl with your husband, who you’re considering raging out on already because you have been moving furniture faster than you can say scratched wood floors with ⋅ZERO⋅ rest.

Do you really think you are going to be getting anything that makes your new home look remotely like one of those fresh designed homes, with clean wood floors, beautiful patterns and colors from HGTV (since you’ve been watching only HGTV for over a year preparing yourself for this exact moment)?! Yeaaaa… not happening.

So, this eager lady (patience is not one of my virtues and I need to learn it at some point), has had to gradually collect some of the things that she wants over time. You know, normal adult life… where you have to be patient and considerate about the things that you buy. For the past 6 months that we’ve lived here, I will randomly send Andres emails containing anywhere from 5 to 25 links to items that I am thinking for our “design”, as I call it. These emails include a description of where each particular item would go in the house, the fact that I measured and know it will fit in that space, and then tell him to decide between the products of which he prefers.  I’m just trying to be organized and prepared.  We both know we can’t afford these things right now, but hey, we can dream right?? This is why I decided to compile a list of some things I am currently eyeing to add to our design scheme here on the blog. Bare walls are getting really depressing to look at, guys…

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One | We have a really large master bedroom and some space to fill up. In this cute little nook in our room, right next to a window, I want to put an armchair like this (which is surprisingly not as expensive as others I’ve looked at). It would be perfect for reading and snuggling up.

Two | I love this funky rug and its pattern and colors. I want to put it underneath our dining room table to add a pop of color and texture to the room.

Three | Though this floor lamp is on the pricier side, I love the pattern and colors. I would love this next to that armchair in our room… *hint hint*

Four | So, there is this awesome Crate & Barrel outlet store right near us and seriously it has amazing finds. This counter height dining table I want to use as my desk in our bedroom and set up my office with it. It has a great steal top and I love the modern lines. Plus, online it says it’s $499, but at the outlet store it is $349. And I saw one that was final sale there for $199 because it had a small dent. CACH-ING!

Five | Ok. Copper cookware. Who does not want copper cookware?! Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Double yes! I have always dreamed of having copper cookware. Maybe it’s because my dad is a chef and we are a cooking/kitchen oriented family, but the elegance of copper cookware, ahhhh, I could go on and on… Besides, these are on sale 😉

Six & Seven | These two go hand-in-hand as they are really similar. I love the copper bookshelf + pot rack combo. But, also the black one. They are classic, multi-functional and all around needed in our kitchen. We don’t have tons of cabinet space, and we have some cookbooks out taking up counter space and this is really a great solution. And I have a spot for it!

Eight | Etsy is the bomb. Does anyone else have an Etsy obsession?? I seriously could look for things all day on Etsy. These handcrafted rustic wooden shelves are just in the style that I want on our dining room walls. I love shelves like this and the fact that someone makes these by hand makes it even better. I have found a handful of rustic wood shelves that I love on Etsy, but I chose to spare you all the photo gallery and just choose one. I’ll leave that for Andres’s pleasure. Hehe, sorry babe! 🙂

While a lot of these things are pricey, that is why it is a dream list and we are adding these gradually to our collection. I’m sure I could come up with another list for next week because this list keeps growing, but hopefully some of you like some of this too.

If you have any other suggestions that you think I should check out or that you are drooling over yourselves, then PLEASE let me know! I am always down to talk home design.


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