Gift Guide: No More Drama for Your Mama! …Because It’s Mother’s Day


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Let’s face it. For those of us guilty of being last minute people (not always, but usually), holidays and special occasions don’t get tended to until the eleventh hour. Whoops! Yes, even things that involve one of the most important people in our lives: our mama. Not to be annoyingly and blatantly obvious, but it’s Mother’s day on Sunday, so if you’re anything like me then you haven’t yet gotten your gifts all set.

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So, what’s the solution?? No worries, I’ve got you covered! Here is a gift guide for all different kinds of moms + it fits your last minute tendencies…



Flowers are the classic way to go on Mother’s day. And even though your mom is probably expecting them, as a lady and mom myself, I love getting flowers in general. They’re so beautiful and add the perfect touch to a room. Plus, they’re thoughtful. Go with her favorite variety or spice it up with something adventurous and out of the norm. Adding a sweet handwritten note, or an envelope filled with photos of you and your mom can give flowers the perfect finishing touch as a gift.
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Mother’s day is that holiday to give something unique, something that your mom wouldn’t normally buy for herself. Therefore, it requires a special kind of gift that she can’t find in a store. My mom used love receiving handmade gifts from us when we were younger and she kept them too; all of our silly, misspelled, poor handwriting, potato-shaped heart drawing (I had some trouble with them when I was little OK?!) cards I have found over the years in her room. One way to do this, besides the handmade card route, is a photo collage of you, your siblings, your mom, and your family put into a scrapbook or printed from online.

» Computer Photo Collage – There are a few neat ways to do this. One application that I love for this (on my Macbook) is Pixelmator.

» Calendar – If you have a Mac, Apple’s iPhoto also offers a way to create your own calendar using your photos and then they send it to you! If not, Shutterfly does this as well and they are always turning out beautifully!

» The Classic – Besides regular photo editing, you can also piece together pictures from the computer. There is also the “group of photos stringed together with pretty ribbon” gift idea!


I love this idea and there are so many different ways to do this. Plus, it doesn’t matter if it’s last minute, because all you need to do is send a card or add the note with the gift when it comes for that first month of a subscription. This gift is also perfect if your mom is really into one specific thing. For example, if she loves to cook, loves wine (oh yea!), loves new jewelry or beauty products. The list goes on and on…

Here are some options: 

» Amazing Clubs Subscription : Have you guys heard of this before?! Because if not you need to check out their website here. They have all kinds of subscriptions from wine to ice cream to cigars. There’s even a “variety club” which allows you to mix and match from a few different options to create a well-rounded gift! (I’ve gifted all three before and it was a hit). On top of that, you can pick from a 3 month subscription, 6 month, 12 month, or seasonal (which is shipped 4 times a year). Then you can decide if you want the shipment to come every month, every other month, etc. It is a bit on the pricier side, but… pretty awesome if you ask me – I mean if you could give your mom the opportunity to try different types of cookies each month, how can you be gifting wrong in life?!

» Birchbox : I’m sure for most of you ladies reading, you have heard of Birchbox. But if you haven’t… please do us a favor and check it out. You can get a monthly subscription (length of your choice) that delivers a beautiful box filled with lots of beauty and grooming goodies. Yes, please!! It introduces you to lots of products you’d never find on your own, or ones you’d never pay for. My sister got a 6 month subscription and loved it!

» Jewelry Subscription Boxes : There are a few different options for this one as well and your choice will depend on what kind of style your mom has.

There’s RocksBox → you take a style survey and then they send you 3 different pieces each month to wear as much as you want. You return them at the end of the month and receive 3 more. You can buy pieces that you really like.

∇ Another is BezelBox – similar idea. You get 4 to 5 pieces per month, the options depend on your style and you return at the end of the month. You also earn reward points while you’re subscribed and those can be used towards future purchases (similar to RockBox).

∇ Then, you have MyntBoxand again it is a very similar concept: 3 to 5 pieces monthly, different styles are sent depending on your preference (or your mom’s in this case). Badabing badaboom!

There are clearly many different kinds of subscription options you can go for and these are just a select few. If you’re unsure of what to get your mama, try this out! It could be something she’d never get for herself.

Now what have we learned here?

Get a gift that is unique! And you can never ever go wrong with something from the heart or made by hand. As long as you are thinking of her & it shows then she will love the gift!

My last suggestion before you go : Do not, I repeat, DO NOT follow in my hubby or little brother’s footsteps. By this I mean, do not buy a card for Mother’s day, have your mom open it only to see it signed “Andres” or “Tom”. Not even a “Love, Andres” or a “Love, Tom”. I mean really. Or worse. Leave it blank… Yes. They’ve both done that. And not just once.

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Wishing those mamas out there a very happy mother’s day!!! Hope this guide was helpful!

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