QueSarahSera Travels: Keukenhof Gardens + Amsterdam

unreal flowers


I think it’s safe to say that many of us would die for flowers like this in our lives all the time. Well, if you don’t agree then at least you can see the vibrant beauty in them! While in Holland we went to Keukenhof which is basically a huge park with various flower gardens and flower displays. The problem: it’s only open for about two months while the flowers are still in bloom. I fawn over flowers in the grocery store or at various venders, always hoping that I can keep the plants alive, so getting the chance to see gorgeous flowers displayed in a huge park (where I wasn’t responsible for their well-being) was an awesome experience.


Hat: Nordstrom (Topshop) here | Shoes: Caterpillar here | Pants: Buffalo (old)


Yikes – serious flower overflow… my apologies! They are just so beautiful. If you are going to be near Amsterdam between now and May 17th, Keukenhof is a must see. Just be prepared for tons of people (we had some distractions with how crowded the place was)!

So, our final adventure in Holland was a trip into Amsterdam again. What do you have to see when you’re in Amsterdam? The “I Amsterdam” sign, of course. Prepare for photos galore below! it was a lot of fun climbing (not so much for me) the letters, seeing all the kids explore, and being a part of something I have always seen in pictures. We also went to the Van Gogh museum which I absolutely loved. I love history and art and this exhibit had the perfect mixture of both. I was too busy enjoying the paintings and reading about Van Gogh’s life to take pictures, but this is definitely worth a visit, as well!


 Isabella || Outfit: Ralph Lauren (L&T) here // Shoes: Nike (Nordstrom Rack) similar here

Me || Jeans: BDG (UO) here // Shoes: Dolce Vita here or here

I have to talk about these pants and sneakers. These pants I got on sale for $39 from Urban Outfitters a few weeks back (and unfortunately now they are no longer on sale, but still well-priced) and let me tell you, they are so comfortable! They are stretchy, which is really nice for a growing body 😉 But that also makes them really moveable, so on trips like this where we are constantly walking and exploring they are the perfect pair to bring along. These Dolce Vita shoes I bought on Amazon. I have always loveddd DV shoes and these sneakers were so comfortable. With hardly any breaking in, I had no troubles with blisters, discomfort, or anything of that nature. They are also surprisingly supportive, another traveling necessity. A Nordstrom Rack store recently opened near our home and I am in heaven!! But the point about that is what we got Isabella: all of these great clothes and shoes because she actually really needs them (growing body too hehe). These sneakers were $30 and we got her another pair of Pumas (under $30), as well. I also can’t get enough of Lord & Taylor and their baby section; they have the best sales and great selections. Her little Ralph Lauren outfit was under $24!

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures & found the clothing details helpful!


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