QueSarahSera Travels: Dropping Down in London Town


After 5 days in Amsterdam, we flew off to London! Andres, his parents, and I really loved London because of all of the amazing history and buildings (he says he liked it better than NYC for this reason, but for me they are just too different to compare). There was so much to see and do, all rich in history and beauty.

First stop was seeing the Big Ben of course, which we found out isn’t the name for the big clock or the large tower itself, but instead it’s the name for the bell of the clock. How cool is that?! I thought it was interesting because I always thought it was just the clock or the tower name.


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The next day, the five of us did a Big Bus tour of London and all sat on the second deck which was open to the outside. I loved it. Isabella loved it. I think everyone loved it. You could see everything from up there and Isabella loved the fresh air. Getting to see so much of the city and the beautiful buildings made the city all the more exciting. We also hung out around the National Gallery (we went in to see the Renaissance paintings the following day), where we climbed on the monuments and Isabella ran around. Plus, I can’t forget about the London Eye! It was so incredible to literally be on top of the city looking out, down, and all around. You could spot tons of big tourist attractions, beautiful statues and monuments, and just take in the city itself.


My favorite adventure from this particular part of the trip was Stonehenge. I mean how can you not find a human-made structure that has lasted over 4,500 years simply astonishing! I still cannot get over the fact that I was there, hearing about how these people moved gigantic boulders from so far away. Then, they figured out how to set them up and create notches for other boulders to sit on! Seriously. Mind blown. I was laughing at the fact that the audio you listen along to called them “sophisticated people” – yup, you could say that!

We also visited Buckingham Palace, another must see, but oddly it made me feel weird just standing out there snapping photos with all  these people around. Literally hundreds of people are swarmed around the palace with their fingers and hands poking through the gorgeous gates. You realize there are people standing within the walls of the palace, who probably can’t open their curtains because of all of us snapping photos. There was also lots of ice cream eating, the discovery of cotton candy for Isabella, and many carousel rides by the London Eye. We had so much fun! If we let Isa take nonstop rides on the carousel, I think she would be the happiest girl in the world; you could hear her yelling “weeee!”.  I can’t forget to mention the London Aquarium. (Most of these attractions are all in the same London Eye area along the Thames River.) Andres, Isabella and I visited the aquarium together and we couldn’t get that babe to leave. She loved the shark tank especially and all of the little fishies!

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Yes, yes, yes, I know. You’re tired of all the pictures. I get it. I will stop here, but London was incredible!! I’ll add another, more in-depth post at some point this week so that I don’t bore you guys with Isabella pictures and London attractions. Stay tuned for more of this travel series! There is more to come… like Paris!!


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