HELP! Frizzy Hair Remedies for Hot Weather Getaways

Help! I've caught the frizz


It’s almost that time of year again! Warm, shining sun, shorts and sandals, and… dun dun dun! Frizz!!! For those lucky ones who are headed on a tropical retreat in the near future, I am super jealous! But beware! It’s no secret that the hot, humid weather is not our hair’s best bud. I know a little something about that 😉 Even if you’re not headed away somewhere, it’s never too early for some humid weather hair care tips as summer is right around the corner (YAY!).

Per request, I’m going to be talking frizzy hair care tips. So, let’s get into the juicy, poofy details!


Here’s the big problem: the key “ingredient” to that frizzy poof-ball of hair is… wait for it… lack of moisture. Yes, most of us know this. But, what happens is that dehydrated hair has many pores and therefore all of that moisture in the air gets absorbed into the hair very quickly. This causes all that frizz. What do we do? Moisturize! It’s never too early to start repairing damaged, dry hair. Some of my favorite hair care products for day to day use can be found here – for someone who faces this dilemma herself, I have tried lots of products and found that Argan Oil works best for my hair.

Remember: Dry hair = frizzy mess

Salt water + pool (chlorine) water does not help the lack of moisture! So, you are going to want to travel with some hair product friends. Here are a few to try below:

Argan oil ⇒ here here (dry oil) | here | for curls → here

Post shower or pool/beach time take a small dime to quarter size amount in your hand and run it through the bottoms of your hair (from your ears down to the tips so that you don’t make roots too greasy). Even if you’re noticing throughout the day that your hair is extra frizzy or dry – don’t be afraid to use!

Leave-in conditioner ⇒ here | here | here

Bring some leave-in conditioner in your pool/beach bag and after being in the water or a harsh day of sun, run some through your hair and brush it through.

Deep conditioning treatment ⇒ here | here

Everyone needs to start using a good deep conditioning treatment. Once a week if you’re really fighting frizz or dry hair, use a good deep conditioning treatment on your hair to restore moisture & repair damage.

Anti-humidity sprays / finishing sprays ⇒ here | here | here

Evenings out, long days in the humid & hot sun – this leads to wanting hair to look nice! But, it may not always. Sometimes we need some quick extra hydration. Spray a nice finishing spray to an evening look for those frizzies and flyaways or spray some anti-humidity moisturizing spray throughout the day to mist that poofy hair.

2. AIR DRY :

Though it is very tempting to blow dry your hair or straighten it at night or during the day to tame the frizz, all of that heat causes more damage (the very thing we are attempting to steer away from!). Skip this! Summertime and warm weather is the time to embrace our natural curls and waves! Plus, you will be doing your hair a serious favor by avoiding extra heat damage. If you do decide that you want a nice sleek look, use a heat protectant before you put a blow dryer, straightener, or curler to those locks.


There are always ways to start this process before going away. When I was little and my curls were extremely wild and hard to tame (and by tame I mean my mom could barely brush through them – I got the “hair on top of head” bun/pony on a daily basis). One thing she would do to help re-moisturize my hair was a nice hot oil treatment. We used to use this one (inexpensive), but you can also make one yourself using coconut oil. Find it in the super market and follow these instructions.


When in doubt, get yourself some hair ties and keep a few on your wrist. You never know when you will just give up or that sweat on the back of your neck will make your hair stick to your neck and arms. Try some new hairstyles: a braid, a french braid, fishtail braids, ponytails, buns! I love french braids, dutch braids, dutch fishtails, etc for that hot & humid weather.

Ok, ladies! That’s it for now! Any other requests, questions or suggestions for products you’ve loved to tame your frizzy hair then please feel free to share!


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