Spring Wish List

Spring 2015 Wishlist


Although it doesn’t feel like spring is ever going to peak out from under all of this snow, ice, and cold (at least not here in Jersey), it’s March, so all I am thinking about is warmer weather, sun, not busting my ass on ice, and most importantly, fashion!

My wish list is practically endless, but here some items that I am craving for the spring and these babies will hopefully give you some inspiration for your own wardrobe. 🙂


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I am loving the fringe trend, if done right, and while I was skeptical about the 70s look coming back, I really am digging flare jeans. Another trend I love right now are the ripped jeans and boyfriend jeans. They can be really casual and comfortable, or dressed up, and that variety makes this a necessity for me.

Now, who wants to spot me some money to make this wish list a reality?! Hehe, kidding. If anyone else has an absurdly lonnnngggg list of fashion cravings then you will understand me – happy spring dreaming!

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