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Ok, I am guilty! I am one of those people who gets stuck in the routine of using the same makeup over and over without trying anything new. I have been using the same foundations, blushes and bronzers for so long (dare I say years), even when I hear people raving about certain products and how amazing they are *slap myself in the face*! I am here to tell anyone else who falls into this category, alongside me, to snap out of it! None of these products are actually new, sadly, so I apologize. Many of you have probably heard of all of these products. But, after recently purchasing them, they are now new favorites for me! I’m glad I spent the money on basics to get great quality products – I love these! Now, here are my 3 new makeup favorites…

1.  Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

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Like I said, none are ‘new’ products on the market, but this one is seriously AWESOME! For starters, there is a wide range of shades, so this foundation can fit a diverse group of skin tones/colors. Next thing I love: it is truly a build-able foundation and it makes your skin look really flawless. You know me, I am super sensitive about my skin. For those who find themselves in lots of pictures, this foundation has that HD look that makes people look almost retouched in photos and it’s just from the makeup. I mean, I have seen the hype for this product on a lot of Youtubers channels and they’re not lying. I didn’t mind looking at myself in the mirror too much after application ;). So for those of you in the market for a new foundation, consider this one. For my skin tone now (since this has been the first few times the sun has decided to show itself), I am a shade 118, but that will change within the next few months. You can pick this up at Sephora or head online to their website.

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2. Nars Blush in Torrid

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I love Nars Cosmetics! This is a company that does a great job with almost all of their products, but especially their blushes. I have used their eyeliners a lot, but I know so many people who are constantly raving about Nars blushes, hence why I had to try it out for myself. I was deciding between the colors Torrid and Desire (and really wanted to buy both, but I refrained). I ended up choosing Torrid because of the shimmer it had. Plus, I felt it was a great color for the transition from cold to warm weather – for me, this seems fitting for Fall and Spring because of it’s coral tint. This product goes a long way! You don’t need a lot of product to get results, which is probably my favorite thing about the Nars blush. Definitely worth the money, so I will probably go back and pick up the shade Desire as well because it’s perfect for Spring/Summer with that bright pink/cotton candy tone!

Here's an up-close of the shade!

Here’s an up-close of the shade!


3. Benefit Hoola Bronzer

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Lastly, but certainly not least, this oldie but goody is the perfect bronzer! It doesn’t have the orangey tint that comes with a lot of bronzers. Again, this is another product that so many constantly mention but for some reason I have never gone out and purchased. Boy, I’m glad I did! It is a veritable winner for contouring as it has no shimmer or shine, no orange tone, and blends really well!


That’s my roundup of my 3 new makeup favorites! This post is for any of you ladies who find yourself, like me, in the routine of buying the same products over and over. If we’re going to do that, we might as well buy the basics like these 3 that I have found so far life-changing in the makeup department. Hopefully you all found this post helpful! And if you have any suggestions for new makeup products you love, let me know! I would love try them out. I’ll probably be using these for the next couple years… go figure. Bad habits die hard 🙂


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