Hair Tutorial: Half-Up French Twist Into Braid



Hello, ladies! Two hair posts within a few days of each other?! That’s right. I got my sweet husband to take part of the weekend and help a girl out (not with the hair of course… he has no idea what he’s doing in that department 😉 )!

Versatile and easy hairdos can be hard to come by. When I’m trying to go from a day working and being a mom to then going out to dinner, I don’t want to look like I’m stressed and just changed a stink diaper. Trust me, it’s not cute. But amidst the rush to get ready I am always stuck on doing my hair quickly! Here is an elegant look that can be casual, formal, or good for a night out. Plus, the best part for me is that my hair is out of my face and fast. So, follow below for this hairstyle that takes only minutes to create!

Section off front section of your hair and separate it into two strands.  Going from the edge of your eyebrows, trace a line up your forehead into your hairline and triangle off a small section from the front of your hair. Then split that into two equal-sized strands as shown below:Step1


Begin your french twist! ←Hmm… something about that “french twist” term sounds so sexy. Anyways, take one of those two strands and bring it over the other (like you would when you are making a braid, except we are only using two strands here). step2


Add in more hair. Again, just like when we’re creating a french braid, we want to begin adding in sections of hair from outside that first ‘twist’. However, since there are only two strands, this is where we switch it up a bit. So, what you need to do is take a section of hair from the left side and add it to the strand of hair on that side, but do not bring the hair over yet. You want to do that same thing (take a section of hair from the right side and add it to your strand of hair on that side) and then simultaneously pull one over the other. Basically, you are adding hair to each side and not just one like you would with a french braid, and then twisting both sides. You want to do this for as many twists as you prefer – I did so twice, pulling in sections of hair until I got to the top of my ear. Hopefully the technique makes sense and you can see it below:


Make that twist into a braid. At this point, we are going to make 3 strands out of 2. So, you want to take a bit from the right and a bit from the left and make that into a new strand – then you should have 3. Start braiding normally and tie this braid off with a clear elastic.

Creating 3 strands from my twist braid.

Creating 3 strands from my twist braid.


Pull it apart and secure with bobby pins. Alrighty, so as usual, for the thick braid you want to pull it apart. After tying with an elastic, hold the bottom of the braid and start pulling the braid from each side to give it that full look. Once you have your desired thickness, you want to take bobby pins and secure the bit of the hair where you split the 2 strands into 3 (because some of that hair may start getting loose). This will be more clear in the pictures below.


And there you have it! You have created your own half-up french twisted braid! I am really pleased with how effortless this hairstyle is and how comfortable it feels. It can be worn for a number of different occasions and as you all know I love versatility with hairstyles. I will also be posting a picture on Instagram of this turned into a fishtail braid, because that will just look amazing as well, but for now I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. I hope you all enjoy this look & please, if you try it out, let me know what you think! Happy hump day!


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