DIY Leather + Hex Nut Chevron Bracelet



I love getting creative and having a project (only when it’s not too frustrating). When a DIY gets too complicated and meddlesome for me, it ruins my mood and gets me cursing, which is not a good idea when you have a 16-month-old around who is repeating everything you say. So, while searching on Pinterest for creative DIY ideas I stumbled upon this bracelet and had to try my hand at it; it’s simple, quick, and inexpensive to recreate – my favorite!

Here’s what you’ll need:



¤ Leather cordage (or your preferred material for the band) ⇒ available at any craft store

¤ Hex nuts (the ones above are 10-32) ⇒ available at any hardware store

¤ Clipboard to hold bracelet securely in one place (optional; I didn’t use this)


Alright, so now onto the simplicity of the “how to”:

  1. First, measure the length of your bracelet. If you want the bracelet to be a single-wrap-around bracelet (as shown above), wrap the string around your wrist and add 3-5 inches to the string. Then, triple fold the string using that size so that you have 3 even length strings. Tie a loop at the top. If you are looking to create a double wrap bracelet, then you simply want to triple the amount of string that fits around your wrist.


    Your string should look like this after step 1

  2. Make sure to cut the bottom of your string so all 3 strands are even. Next, string through the same number of hex nuts onto each string (I used 8 hex nuts). Knot the ends so they don’t slide off while you’re braiding them in.
  3. step2Begin braiding for a few stitches (I did about 8 braid stitches). After you have the desired braid length, you can begin to stitch the hex nuts in. You will braid normally, but add a hex nut to every strand that you are pulling over, as shown below:step3
  4. Once all of the hex nuts are braided into the bracelet, continue braiding normally and then knot off at the end. Make sure to leave enough string to knot and have some to tie the bracelet around your wrist.


And that’s all! Here is the finished bracelet:


Baby Isa got her own bracelet too, so we showed them off!

Baby Isa got her own bracelet too, so we showed them off!

I would love to credit whoever originally came up with this idea, but skimming around Pinterest, this bracelet was repinned so much that I couldn’t figure out who it was! So, to the originator I say, beautiful idea! I love the bracelet and made some for a few of my favorite people. Let me know if any of you try to recreate this leather and hex nut bracelet & check out my Pinterest for other ideas! I’d love to hear how yours come out. Happy Friday, everyone!


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