Buffalo Chicken + Quinoa Lettuce Wraps

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For once the snow did some good for us: on our snow day Andres and I got two (yes, I said two) home-cooked meals! Yum!! I posted the meal I prepared on Instagram Thursday night because it was so delicious and super healthy! My mom always used to make chicken lettuce wraps at home and it was such a delicious yet light meal that I always looked forward to, so when I saw on Instagram a post by FitHealthyRecipes on how to make buffalo chicken lettuce wraps I was ecstatic! If you haven’t noticed yet, I love buffalo sauce and when it’s a healthy alternative to another meal, that is the best! By the way, follow Shonda of FitHealthyRecipes on Instagram if you are interested in healthy, delicious ideas for meals – she has wonderful ideas that always make my belly grumble! Ok, back to how to make this meal: it is extremely quick and easy!

You will need:
ingredients 2

¤ Chicken breast (I used 4 pieces of thin sliced chicken breast cutlets)

¤ 1/2 cup of buffalo sauce (Frank’s Red Hot is my favorite)

¤ 1 cup of quinoa

¤ 6 lettuce leaves (Romaine hearts or ice berg lettuce are best)

¤ Pam to grease your baking sheet

¤ 2 cups of panko bread crumbs (optional – we did not use this)

¤ Fresh veggies (I used cucumbers, avocado, and peppers)

¤ Blue cheese or ranch dressing to pour on your lettuce wraps

Now, follow these directions to your own lettuce leaf of healthy paradise:

Step 1: Prep Up.

Preheat your oven to 375°F. Then prep your chicken – cut your chicken breast into bite size pieces. If you are using panko break crumbs, then you will need to get your 2 cups ready along with your 1/2 cup of buffalo sauce. We didn’t have any panko bread crumbs and the roads were too atrocious to drive over to my mom’s to steal hers. So, I chose to dice up cucumbers, peppers, and avocado to have that fresh crunch and yummy added flavoring. You then want to toss your chicken in your buffalo sauce and let that sit in the refrigerator for around a half hour (less if you’re hungry!). While you’re doing this, I recommend getting your quinoa started. Quinoa is cooked just like rice, so for 1 cup of quinoa you will want 2 cups of water. Bring water and quinoa to a boil and then put the burner on low and cover until all water is gone.



Step 2: Pop Chicken in the Oven.

First, you want to grease your baking sheet. I use Pam because it’s not too greasy and it’s not high in calories. Then, you want to take your chicken out of the fridge and make sure each piece is evenly coated with buffalo sauce. If you are using bread crumbs, now is when you will coat your chicken with them by putting bread crumbs in a dish and tossing chicken in there. Then evenly distribute your chicken on the greased baking sheet (as seen below). Pop those babies into the oven for 30 minutes. Make sure to check your quinoa! (In the picture below I prepared a small amount of chicken with lime, thyme, garlic and salt and pepper for Isabella).



Step 3: You’re Ready to Make Lettuce Wraps!

After 30 minutes, that chicken should be fully cooked. Take it out of the oven, put it in a separate dish, place your diced veggies in a separate dish, and make sure your quinoa is ready! Get your 6 lettuce leaves on a plate and head over to the table, or if you’re really hungry then eat up right where you’re standing. To create your lettuce wrap, we took a lettuce leaf, added a small spoonful of quinoa, a spoonful of buffalo chicken, and then added the diced veggies. Andres drizzled blue cheese on top of this combo, but I just indulged as is. It is delicious! table set up




These buffalo chicken lettuce wraps are mouth-watering, but the best part is that they are really healthy! Frank’s Red Hot buffalo sauce has 0 calories, the lettuce wraps replace any carbs you might alternatively use, and the quinoa is low in calories and high in protein! Those veggies add flavor and crunch, so pretty much your tastebuds and belly are getting a win-win situation! Now, enjoy! If you try these out, let me know how you like them! We couldn’t stop chowing down, which was perfect for a snowed-in, cold winter night. But luckily, Spring is in the air this week!


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