Top Ten Beauty Hacks

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Listen, ladies, we all have those tricks that we use to help us in our daily beauty routines, so I have decided to compile my top ten to share with you in hopes that some of you discover some beauty hacks you have never tried before. After all, sharing is caring! Check them out below↓

  1. Mascara Turned Eyeliner: If you are in a bind for time, putting on mascara and eyeliner (along with whatever other makeup you use) in one fell swoop can help save some time. So, instead of making this a two step process, take your mascara wand and dab it onto your waterline before swiping it on your lashes. Another mascara turned eyeliner hack is to take an eyeliner brush and swipe it along your mascara wand, picking up the product and using it as eyeliner.mascaraturnedeyeliner
  2. Add Saline to Dry Mascara: My mascara tends to dry out on me before the 3 months is up, so I recently learned you can add a few drops of saline to your mascara to remedy this!
  3. Heat Lash Curler: Although I sometimes fear my eyelash curler after having heard horror stories of people ripping their eyelashes off, when I want to get that really great curl I heat up the eyelash curler with a blowdryer for a few seconds. You’ll get a really nice curl this way.heatedeyelashcurler
  4. Banana Peel Miracle: Bananas are such amazing fruits. Partially because you can use them on your acne and acne scars to get rid of them (by now you should know I’m sensitive about my skin)! Cut a bit of banana peel and rub the inside of the peel on your problem areas. Let that dry and feel the magic!bananapeel
  5. Baking Soda Mask: If you’ve seen my coffee grounds mask post then here’s another DIY mask for you! Add baking soda and water together and mix (make sure the mixture is a creamy texture)! Apply this to your face and let it dry. Then you can use a wet washcloth to wipe it away. *Side note: This mixture is also great for poison ivy, which I begrudgingly discovered from my mama while 8 months pregnant and experiencing the joys of poison ivy.Baking Soda Face Mask
  6. Coconut Oil as Makeup Remover: Coconut oil, being a readily available cooking ingredient and household product, makes for a great natural makeup remover. It easily takes off your face makeup and cleanses the skin. I am always running out of my makeup removing pads and so this is a great alternative!
  7. Olive Oil + Sugar Lip Exfoliant: I hate having dry lips! Plus, with this terrible winter weather that dry air seems to get the best of me. An easy fix I discovered a couple of years ago: mix a bit of olive oil and sugar in a small bowl, making sure your mixture is pasty. Take a wash cloth or even an unused toothbrush and scrub in a circular motion along your lips for as long as you feel necessary. Then pucker up!oliveoillipexfoliantlip exfoliant
  8. Vaseline During Manicure: If you’re like me, then a self-mani/pedi should probably always be a no go. However, if you’re like me, you’ll attempt it anyways. So, before you start painting your nails, use a bit of vaseline and apply it around the outside of your nails (q-tips are good to help apply it). This way, when you get it along the outsides of your nail, you can easily wipe it away.
  9. Refrigerate Nail Polish: My mom has been doing this since we were kids, but to keep your nail polish smooth and avoid clumps, keep it in the refrigerator. Works like a charm!
  10. Baby Powder + Hair: If you’re on day two or day three hair and finding that it is really oily but don’t have the time to wash it, a quick fix is to dust some baby powder in your roots. Just make sure to rub it in well, otherwise you will be looking like you aged a few years over night! 😉

Hope these are useful to you all! Feel free to comment your favorite beauty hacks because I would love to start trying them out!


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