Heart-Shaped Marshmallow Corn Flake Treats



What would Valentine’s day be without a few treats? I mean come on! This is the one day it’s acceptable to shovel down an entire box of chocolates and hardly anyone will judge you. But, chocolates aside, I’m going to add to that list of Valentine’s day treats and teach you how to make these delicious, heart-shaped marshmallow corn flake treats. Every year for Christmas since we were little kids, my mom has been making what we call ‘Wreath Cookies’. These are a family (and extended family and friends) favorite! I mean we actually fight over these cookies each year. Two years ago for Valentine’s day I decided to take that Christmas recipe and keep the magic of them alive for another couple of months by turning it into a Valentine’s day treat, adding red food coloring (rather than green) and shaping these bad boys into hearts (rather than wreaths).



Let me begin with a list of ingredients. You will need:

1. 30 marshmallows (Note: I bought the Wegmans generic marshmallows because they are much less expensive.)

2. 4 cups of plain Corn Flakes (Note: Again, I bought the Wegmans generic kind because they are much less expensive and honestly, they taste the same.)

3. Red food coloring (McCormick brand)

4. Decorating materials of your choosing – I used different colored sprinkles & Sweethearts!

5. 1 tsp of vanilla extract

6. 1 stick of unsalted butter

7. Pam (or any kind of non-stick cooking spray)

8. Wax paper

9. This isn’t really any ingredient, but you will need a large pot like a big pasta pot so that you have enough space to stir everything in.

Before we begin, some people may be thinking, “Hey, these are a lot like Rice Krispie treats. Why not just make it like that?” And to that, I am going to say… because corn flakes are a fun twist on this and because I said so.

Ok, so now that we’ve got our ingredients, let’s do this thing! First thing’s first: you want to spray that cooking pot with Pam before you do anything. Seriously. The marshmallows will get very sticky and it will be hard to clean them and get them onto your corn flakes otherwise. Next, you want to add a stick of butter to the pot and constantly stir on low heat. Note: you do not want the butter to burn, so make sure you are on fairly low heat, otherwise your marshmallow treats will taste like burnt butter – yuck! Once the butter is melted, you want to add the 30 marshmallows to the melted butter and stir those in also on low heat. Once those are mostly melted, add in your teaspoon of vanilla extract and mix it in. After, you need to add your red food coloring. Add as much or as little as you’d like until you achieve your desired color. At this point you want to turn off the heat and get your fast fingers ready and I mean that! Now, you need to stir in your 4 cups of corn flakes and do that quickly!! Here’s my recommendation: if you are stirring with your hands, spatula, or a spoon (basically whatever utensil you choose), you should spray this with Pam as well, otherwise it will get too sticky and won’t form into the shapes for you. Have your wax paper laid out and ready (in the pictures I used tin foil because we didn’t have any wax paper), then begin taking small handful amounts of your mixture and forming them into heart shapes as best as you can. Then you can decorate! Let these marshmallow treats sit for about 12-24 hours so that they do not fall apart at the touch. And of course make sure you enjoy them!

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