Happy Valentine’s Day!


Firstly, I want to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s day! I know that to many people, Valentine’s day is a hallmark holiday. And while I agree, there are so many reasons why I love this holiday, which is why I have done a few posts to get ready for today. When I was little, Valentine’s day was so fun. My mom would buy candy hearts and chocolates and have them sprawled about the house. I have a fond memory of her bringing home a little goodie bag of candy with a small gift. One year it was a Destiny’s Child CD that I had been dying for. It made my day every time.

I also have a lot of funny memories. One of the few times my parents ever went away without us kids was on Valentine’s day one year. Remember back in elementary school when giving out your valentine’s cards is such a big deal? Well, that year my parents were away and I had forgotten to get my valentine’s cards. I was freaking out the morning of Valentine’s day, not knowing what to do. My grandma, who was watching us, suggested that she and I make our own homemade hearts and write out the names of my classmates. She would write, but I had to create the hearts. Well, after hours of cutting and coloring, we realized all of our hearts looked like potatoes. I was devastated. I think I even cried. Looking back, I love that memory and will always remember it.

For these reasons, I want to create similar, dear memories for my little one. This year, we made homemade valentine’s cards together and goodie bags for our loved ones. What a lovely day to have dedicated to those we love!

Our cards turned out looking like real hearts (I hope) and they were a success! Isa had a blast eating chocolate and helping me with the stamps! Happy Valentine’s day all! And happy weekend! Xoxo.

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