Hair Tutorial: Half-up Layered Braids


I always find that braids are a great way to turn a lackluster and boring hairstyle into something creative and inspiring. It even adds to an entire look, making it distinct and fun. While playing around with my hair, I came up with this half-up, layered braids look. I like crown braids a lot, but I also wanted to have some of my hair down, yet out of my face. Rather than make this into a crown braid, I decided to layer the braids towards the bottom of the head instead of pulling them upwards and around. Check out the steps below on how to achieve this look:


Step 1: Here, you want to create a dutch fishtail braid in the middle of the top of your head on either side. In order to do this, you need to take two sections of hair, take a piece from the outside of one section and pull it under and over to the next section (it should stay there and become part of that section). Then, you need to repeat that with the latter section. Next, you begin pulling in strands of outside hair that are not in the fishtail and add them to your strand from the outside section and pull it in under and combine it with the opposite section. Again, this sounds confusing, but check out Amber Fillerup of Barefoot Blonde, her Youtube channel and blog are amazing and she is great at teaching how to create gorgeous braids. I swear it is really easy, it just takes a bit of getting-used-to.

Step 2: The completed dutch fishtail braid should look like the picture above. Repeat this same thing on the other side in a mirrored location on your head.

Step 3: I pulled my fishtail braid apart to create a fuller and enhanced appearance.

Step 4: You should have to dutch fishtail braids like I do on either side of your head.

Step 5: Now you want to take the section of hair in the front of your face/head that is hanging out (bangs section, I call this) and make a simple braid pulling it towards the back of your head.

Step 6: Pull this apart, as you did with the dutch fishtail for a fuller look. (You can also do a regular dutch braid here, which I also like, but wanted to keep it simple and quick.)

Step 7: Repeat this step on the other side of your head and you should have 4 braids as I am modeling above.

Step 8: Here, you need to take the dutch fishtail braid and lift it up. Then, you need to take that regular braid and wrap it under that dutch fishtail towards the back of your head.

Step 9: Secure the braid in the back with a bobby pin.

Step 10: Repeat step 8 and 9 with the other regular braid and the back should look something like this (I apologize I was not good at hiding my bobby pins so this looks a bit messy, but if you position your bobby pins better than me, you will have a neater look). Tuck the tail of your braid under the first braid so it blends in with your hair that is down.

Step 11: Next, you need to take one of your dutch fishtail braids and wrap it around towards the back of your head, but make sure it is not completely covering your regular braid. This is the beginning of the layering effect. Secure with bobby pins and tuck the tail through all of the other braids.

Step 12: Repeat step 11 with the other dutch fishtail braid, finishing off this layered effect and letting some of the other braid peer through. Tuck the tail once again under the other braids.

Here is the finished look:


I hope you all enjoyed this look! Try it out & I would love to see your pictures/know what you think of it! I know I should really videotape these tutorials, but at the moment I do not have the right camera or lighting to do so, so in the meantime, bare with me and all of the photos. I am also a little camera shy with that 😉 Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


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