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OGX Beauty Argan Oil Trio

OGX Beauty Argan Oil Trio


Most people who are pregnant or have babies will tell you all of their hormone horror stories, and although I am one of those people, those hormones do not do all bad. Seriously, you should see what they did for my crazy hair, nails, and skin (scratch that – those bad boys made my skin worse). But, in all honesty, while the majority of the time my pregnancy and post-pregnancy hormones were pretty much horrific for everyone involved, they helped smooth out my frizzy curls a lot.

After our trip to Miami last February, I discovered the beauty of argan oil. My hair was still a frizz ball whenever we hit any bit of humidity in the air and it just could not be tamed. It was really frustrating for me because whenever I was trying to look even half decent, I’d have these scraggly hairs all over my face and sticking up out of my head, or I would look like a curly-haired poodle fresh from a nice blow dry. I would wind up just pulling my hair back and hiding it. Additionally, I always used mousses and gels after a shower. But, then I started putting a bit of argan oil in my hair whenever it was dry or occasionally after a shower. It did wonders! I then discovered argan oil shampoos and conditioners and, you may think I am crazy, but I could feel the difference after the first wash. Once I found OGX Beauty Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner and their Deep Penetrating Oil, I haven’t steered from that since. The smell from other brands I had tested was a bit off and the shampoo didn’t bubble as easily as I like; it was much thicker and with my thick locks (and I’m talking breaking hair ties after their first use) it wouldn’t wash out easily. But, the OGX brand smells delicious and it’s a nice texture.


I use the deep penetrating oil after almost every shower (not trying to sound perverted). I just put a bit in my hands and rub it through my hair – not the roots but from my ears down. I am telling you it is amazing. Even when your hair isn’t wet, if your ends are feeling dry or your hair is frizzing up (hopefully not like mine) then putting a dime amount in your hair smooths it out and defrizzes really successfully. It also adds a lot of moisture which I needed because my hair was always really dry.

OGX Deep Penetrating Argan Oil that I use after the shower

OGX Deep Penetrating Argan Oil that I use after the shower


When I tell you that my hair went from looking like this:

Kidding! That's me and my baby curls!

Kidding! That’s me and my baby curls!


No, but it did go from this (it’s difficult to notice the frizz in these but you will see the difference):


And now it air dries like this:

There is almost no frizz now, my hair is much smoother and shinier, and the curls are tamable and have turned more into waves. So thank you thank you argan oil for all the hair help!! And, though I never thought I’d say this, I guess thank you pregnancy hormones as well.


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