Favorite Healthy & Quick Snacks


The winter is one of those times where I find it really hard to eat healthy. First, I’m always wearing layers upon layers, so my growing belly is not as noticeable to me as it would be in the summer. Plus, there are less things to do, as I am so much less likely to be going outside and wanting to go for my runs or running errands when the thermostat is reading 10°F. And to add to that, I find myself being more bored in the winter. So what do I do? I eat! The problem is that those easy to grab snacks are usually the chips, etc. So, I’ve compiled some of my favorite healthy snacks in general that are really easy to make and find the ingredients for.

1. First up: Fruit Smoothie – I love ice cream in the winter, but all that dairy just doesn’t always sit well. So, I derived my own healthy smoothie from one that my mom always makes for breakfast in the morning. It will keep you full for a long time and it is not rich in calories or fat. Plus, it’s delicious! You will need:


-frozen fruit of your choosing

-Almond milk (or skim/whole, if desired)

-Greek yogurt (or regular depending on preference)

-a blender to mix up all that goodness –> we have a Ninja which also comes with little single serve cups so I make mine in that to get the perfect proportion!


2. Roasted Cauliflower Chompers –  Roasted cauliflower is so fun because you can make it diverse by adding spices (cumin, old bay, etc.), but also it is easy to make! We wanted to try it with buffalo sauce and it is such a good twist on your typical roasted cauliflower. You will need:


-1 head of cauliflower cut into florets (or buy them precut)

-1 tbsp olive oil

-salt and pepper

-1/4 cup of buffalo hot sauce –> I use Frank’s Red Hot… really good!

-baking sheet


First, you’ll want to preheat your over to 400°F. Then, in a small bowl, you want to mix the olive oil, salt, pepper, and cut up cauliflower so that the cauliflower has an even coating of the mixture on it. Next, lay the cauliflower on a baking sheet in a single, thin layer so that it evenly roasts. Pop those bad boys into the oven for about 20-30 minutes. When they are roasted to your liking, add the buffalo sauce over the cauliflower and make sure it is evenly coated. You can enjoy this with some blue cheese, as well! Super yummy!




3. Hummus & Salad Quesadilla – I love experimenting with typical foods and adding a healthy twist in some way. This snack (or meal if you make a few) is a twist on a quesadilla. I call it Hummus & Salad Quesadilla. For this one, you will need:


-Tortilla wraps

-Cheese of your choosing –> I used sharp cheddar


-Lettuce of your choosing –> I like arugula and spinach, so we used the spring mix because it is a good mixture of those


Preheat the oven to 375°F. Toast up your tortilla wrap with the cheese on top in the oven for a couple of minutes; this perfectly toasts the wrap and melts the cheese. My mouth is watering thinking about this. Then, dollop the hummus on, add your lettuce, and then the tomatoes and voila! There you have a delicious snack that is warm and toasty! Last night I made these and Andres added some steak to his so, as you can see, you can add meat or whatever else you’d like! Perfect for winter.



4. Avocado, Tomatoe & Corn Salad – This next snack I posted on Instagram the other day. I love this salad so much and you can add any other ingredients to the basic ones I use and it is still tasty!


So, all you need is tomatoes, an avocado, and corn (in the winter I use canned sweet corn because that is what is available). But, this is such a refreshing snack for any season, especially when corn is in season! I add cut up tomatoes, the avocado, and put in half a can of corn (or as much as you’d like) and add salt and pepper. If you want a little twist, this is so tasty with goat cheese or feta, or cucumbers, or a little balsamic vinegar drizzled over it! Or just put all of that in! Thanks, Mom! She definitely inspired this snack. Super quick, simple, and yummy!



5. Fruit Salad!


This is one of the easiest snacks on this list. In this house, we are always buying fresh produce. But one of our problems with that, is that we find we can’t eat our fruits and veggies quick enough before they go bad. So, one trick that my mama taught me (again, thanks lady!) is to take those fruits (strawberries, blueberries, etc) and turn them into a nice, big fruit salad. You can take whatever fruits you have around the house and slice them up and then you have a snack for the week! Plus, the best part: you’re getting to the fruit before it goes bad! Yum! In the one above, I used blueberries, strawberries, a nectarine, an apple, blackberries, and a banana. Like I said, any fruit you have is delicious!


I hope you guys enjoyed these quick, easy-to-make, and healthy snacks! Try them out and let me know what you think! Now, I am going to chow down on some of what I made. Hey, it’s healthy right? 😉 Happy Friday, everyone!!

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