DIY Coffee Grounds Scrub + Mask


I am a huge coffee drinker! And everyday I throw away all those used grounds after my morning cup of joe. Usually, in the summer, Andres and I put those in our compost, but since we just moved and don’t yet have that set up, I’m throwing the grounds out. Anyways, the other day one of my closest friends, Amanda, sent me the link to a DIY coffee grounds exfoliating scrub and mask (and many other amazing things you can do with used coffee grounds). She must be a psychic, too, because I was feeling guilty about the waste. So thank you, Amanda ♥! Without further ado, here is the recipe for the exfoliating scrub:


-6 tbsps coffee grounds finely ground or previously used!

-4 tbsps any kind of oil (cooking oils like coconut oil or olive oil preferably)

-a few drops of any essential oil of your choosing (I used tea tree oil, as the website suggests, but Amanda used peppermint oil and liked that as well)


The coffee grounds and tea tree oil felt so refreshing and exfoliated my skin so well! I am breaking out right now, but also have dry skin in some spots, so the olive oil was hydrating, while the scrub aspect felt really cleansing on the skin!

After the scrub, I decided to apply the mask. Below is the recipe for the mask:


-4 tbsp finely ground coffee beans (or previously used)

-4 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

-8 tbsp of dairy product – yogurt (unflavored), whole milk, almond milk, heavy cream OR you can use egg [I went with almond milk]

-2 tbsp honey or lemon juice – if you have dry skin, use the honey, or if you have oily skin use the lemon juice (I used 1 of each)


What I love about both the exfoliating scrub and mask is that these are ingredients that, for the most part, are available in the kitchen and they took 2 minutes to put together. Andres and Isa were worried about why I was using cocoa powder on my face and not eating it. I’m pretty sure Andres wanted to dip his hand in the mixture of the scrub to try it because it looked so much like brownie mix, but that wouldn’t have ended well.

The link where Amanda found this also has a recipe for hair color boosting, how to get shinier/smoother hair with a hair mask, and a recipe for combating cellulite. I will probably try some of these soon as well. I hope you all try this out! I loved it and will be doing it more often! Let me know what you think if you do! Once again, thank you for the suggestion, Amanda!

Right now, I am laying back and rubbing my soft-as-a-baby’s-bottom skin. Xoxo ♥

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